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Traveling With Your Pet

There is a country and a season to fit every traveler’s taste, so any time of the year can be a good time to travel. Recent statistics show that pet ownership had increased by 20% from 1988 to the start of the pandemic, and since the pandemic approximately 30% of Americans have adopted at least one pet, resulting in two out of three American homes to include a pet. This means more pets are either staying home with trusted services like Sit & Stay Pet Care, or being taken along for the ride. Fortunately, this increase in traveling with pets has broadened a niche in the pet care industry. However, finding the right option for you and your fur baby can be a daunting task.

When considering traveling with a pet, you’ll want to make sure your pet is stable for travel. Pets who are older, have medical problems, are anxious or reactive, are most likely better off at home and in the care of someone you trust. (Here are seven qualities to look for when selecting a Pet Sitter.) Consult your veterinarian if you have any questions regarding the stability of your pet. If the decision is to take them on your journey, then their safety and comfort are the most important considerations for the trip. We’ve done a little preliminary research to help make your travel planning a little less stressful. See links for current tips and resources below!

Method of Travel

  • For air travel, check out this year’s selection by Reader's Digest, for “The 10 Best Airlines to Fly With Your Pets.”

  • You’ve decided to fly, but now what? AARP provides 15 essential steps to flying with your pet.

  • Still deciding your method of travel? Better Pet can help you narrow down your choices.


  • Traveling within the United States, an interstate health certificate may be required to move animals between states.

  • Traveling from the US to another country, you must check the requirements of that country before traveling. Be sure to give yourself time to notify your vet immediately upon making travel plans, as some requirements may take time to fulfill.

  • When traveling by train or boat, contact your transportation company for pet guidelines.

Tools for Travel

Your Destination

  • Looking for a place to stay when you get to where you’re going? For pet-friendly hotels, AAA provides a locator on their website which finds hotels listed by destination.

Final Note

For additional information, check out the CDC’s information on traveling with pets.

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