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We love pet sitting because our pets have unconditional love for us. You can see it when your dog wags his or her tail, puts their ears down and wiggles their body. You can hear it when a cat purrs as he or she rubs up against your leg. That's what motivates us to keep going.

Kiana has been providing in-home pet sitting services since 2009, when she noticed a lack of quality pet care for her own dog. Most pet sitters then had a bad reputation of untrustworthiness per newspaper articles or the only boarding that was available was to keep pets in cages all day. After a bad experience with a pet sitter who lost her dog, Kiana got inspired and has been committed to our mission ever since: to provide our client's pets with the same love and care we give to our own pets.

We provide loving, personalized care for your pets whether you are traveling overseas or just away at work for the day. Our service is a great alternative to boarding or daycare, allowing your pets to remain at home where they feel safe and comfortable. We tailor our visits to your pets' needs and strive to maintain the schedule your pets are accustomed to. Just let us know what will make them happy and we will take care of the rest!

We offer a full range of personalized pet care services including pet sitting, dog walking and pet taxi. Whether your pets need a visit in the middle of the night or while you are traveling on holiday or business, our objective is always your pets' care and well-being while also providing you with peace of mind.

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