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7 Summer Must-Have Pet Purchases

We’re in the midst of summer and you might be wondering what to do to make these hot and humid days go a little smoother for both you and your doggo. Sit & Stay Pet Care Services has done some research for you and compiled a list of 7 summer must-haves so you don’t have to! And after you’ve done some shopping, stay tuned for our next blog on 5 Summer Games to Play with Your Dog to keep the both of you entertained while spending quality time together.

1. For those long walks or extended visits to the dog park, try this MalsiPree leak-proof water bottle and dispenser. It comes in a 12 or 19 ounce capacity, is made of high-quality food grade BPA free material, and is easy to clean!

2. Spending time outside and need a place for your dog to get out of the sun? Check out this elevated bed from PawHut to provide shade and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The mesh center allows for air flow to help your dog stay cool, while the water-resistant canopy offers UV protection. This comes in four sizes with a maximum weight capacity of 88 pounds for the larger model.

3. Looking for some outdoor water fun in the yard? This splash pad with sprinklers by Peteast is just what your pups need for an afternoon cool-down! This is available in 4 sizes and has two directional sprinkler action. It’s made of high-quality PVC and is BPA free.

4. This sturdy canvas beach tote by Teddy the Dog is great for all your summer trips and is sure to make you and your dog the fashion hit of the turf!

5. Having trouble walking your dog during the hotter times of the day? Try these thin booties to prevent heat (and cold) exposure for sensitive pads! Pawz Dog Boots are disposable and designed for year-round paw protection. Available in seven sizes, Pawz boots not only protect from weather, but also help keep your baby’s feet sanitized!

6. The extra hours outside in the heat can dry out paw pads and cause them to crack. Try Dr. Maggie Paw Protector paw wax to help moisturize and heal cracked pads. Non-toxic and safe for both cats and dogs, this wax is made from all natural products to help paws through all kinds of weather.

7. Being outside can also increase the risk of skin cancer in animals with light or sensitive skin. My Dog Nose It! makes sun protection products for your dog that are all natural, vegan, and are cruelty and paraben free.

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