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Monthly Paws Newsletter December 2021 Issue


  • Preparing your pet for Holiday company

  • Celebrating Hanukkah safely with your pets

  • Popular Holiday plants that may be toxic

  • Keeping Pets Safe During NYE


Reminder: Holiday Closures Dec 24th-25th


December's Monthly Pet Painting

Starting in last month's issue of our Monthly Paws Newsletter, we are featuring a painting of one of YOUR lovely pets each month. Send in a snapshot of your pet- fur, feather, scale, or shell- and they might be chosen for next month's edition of the Monthly Paws Newsletter!

Name: James Dean

Owner: Tamara

Submit your picture to our Facebook Group

"Sit & Stay Pet Lovers 🐾💕"


6 Ways To Prepare Your Pet For Holiday Company

It's time to prepare your pet for possible holiday stress from guests! The holidays can look different for everyone, whether we are traveling or hosting. Having other people in the home besides your immediate family can make your pets feel uncomfortable, or they could become overstimulated from having guests over and may have trouble relaxing.

If your pet struggles with situational anxiety from having company over, we’ve got some tips and tricks to make for a more calming holiday experience!


Guide to Celebrating Hanukkah Safely With Your Pets

The holiday season is full of potential hazards for our pets. During Hanukkah, dogs and cats can be safe by following a few pet safety tips. Here’s our list of pet safety tips for a seamless and memorable Hanukkah celebration.


Popular holiday plants may be poisonous or toxic, especially to children and pets.

There are some types of decorative plants that are toxic to dogs and cats. In some cases, only mild indigestion and discomfort will result, in other cases, the toxicity can lead to more severe health problems, and even fatalities. If you are planning to bring holiday foliage into your home this season, you will need to know which plants are safe, which should be kept out of your pet’s reach, and which should be avoided entirely.

Here's a look at some of the most common poisonous holiday plants along with some reassurance about plants many people think are poisonous that really aren't that dangerous.


Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe During New Years Eve

If you think the years fly by quickly, try being a cat or dog! Then again, they don't really understand the concept of a New Year's Eve celebration. When you celebrate tonight, please think about things from their perspective and make the night safe and stress-free for your pets as possible.


Thank you for all of your continued support in 2021, and we wish you a Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!

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