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World Day Against Abandonment of Domestic Animals

Today is World Day Against the Abandonment of Domestic Animals. It always corresponds to the first weekend of summer as it is the beginning of summer holiday departures when pets are abandoned as their owners leave home and travel abroad. It can be observed today and for the final days of the month; find out how to participate by checking out this link.

Pets get abandoned for many reasons: not having a caregiver while going on vacation, pet owners not being educated on the breed personality before adoption, owners losing one’s job or moving into a space that does not allow pets, to name a few. One way to reduce this problem is acknowledging the commitment ahead of time. A group in France prepared a Responsible Owner Charter as a pledge for all pet owners to acknowledge the responsibility that comes along with having an animal in their care.

Florida is currently experiencing a high rate of dog abandonment. NBC reported this month that almost all of the dogs in the local shelters are there for that reason. Many are in the shelters due to owners moving to places where dogs are not allowed, or not having the time to care for them as they did during the initial Covid lockdown. Abandoning a pet is a misdemeanor in Florida, but dropping them off at a shelter is not. Check here for local shelters that could use your help volunteering during this time of increased pet surrender. Other pets that are often discarded in Florida are rabbits, snakes, and turtles. Last month, 23 domestic rabbits were captured by volunteers in an effort to rescue pets that had been abandoned and as rabbits are known to do, multiplied.

Keep in mind that domestic animals have been raised to be dependent upon humans for food, warmth, and shelter. They are not conditioned to live amidst the elements and are highly susceptible to being hit by cars, become malnourished or starve, and subjected to harsh temperatures to which they cannot adapt. If you feel you can no longer care for your pet, please reach out to local rescues, shelters, or wildlife refuges. Join Sit & Stay Pet Cares Services as we work toward educating the community about animal guardianship and what it takes to care for our furry friends.

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