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Winter Joint Health

As we age, winter can be physically challenging. This also holds true for our pets, most prominently in the integrity of their muscles and joints. Like humans, many breeds of dogs are susceptible to arthritis and joint inflammation, as well as for highly active and athletic dogs. But this does not exclude any dog or cat as they age and suffer bone loss or regular wear and tear. Additional causes of joint pain and inflammation can include obesity, previous injuries, aging, and genetic disposition.

Cats can get arthritis in their spine, joints, and limbs, and unlike dogs, are less likely to show their pain. This is true for all ailments with which they may suffer. Some symptoms of joint pain to watch for with cats: no longer able to sit or lay in familiar positions, inability to jump as high or at all, changes in eating and grooming habits, and less tolerant of being touched or interactive with you.

Dogs are more likely to manifest joint pain in the way they walk and move. Their gait may be uneven, they may limp, or shift their weight often.

What Can We Do to Help?

  • Keep them indoors and warm, or make sure they are wearing proper covering and have thick bedding if outdoors and on the floor.

  • Maintaining a proper diet is one preventative measure that can be practiced throughout our pets’ lives. Feeding pets highly processed or salted human food such as hot dogs or lunch meats can lead to inflammation as well as additional health issues. Cheaper pet foods that contain processed carbohydrates and sugars can also have the same effect. Feed them high quality and balanced food.

  • Supplements are preferred over medical prescriptions when possible and when the inflammation or joint pain is not already a chronic condition. Talk to your vet about recommended glucosamine supplements for cats and dogs.

  • CBD has been found to reduce inflammation and muscular and joint pain. Sit & Stay Pet Care Services offers a variety of human-grade CBD and Hemp Oil products to aid in relieving your pets’ symptoms.

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