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National Pet Fire Safety Day

On National Pet Fire Safety Day, Sit & Stay Pet Care Services encourages all pet owners to make sure their pets are included in their family’s fire escape plans. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, approximately 750 fires are started by animals each year. Here are five tips to help prevent fires and also aid in your pet's safety should an event occur.

Keep pets away from open flames. Make sure candles and other fires are never left unattended.

Pet proof potential fire hazards. Remove stove knobs if necessary, make sure loose wires are secured and plugs are firmly in their outlets.

Keep crates and bedding near entrances. This makes pets easily accessible to you and/or firefighters in case of an emergency.

Be prepared. Keep leashes close to the door and cat carriers in closets with easy access. Make sure your vehicle has space for all pets.

Hang pet alert window stickers near the front entrance. Firefighters know to look for alerts. Be sure information is current. Order your free Pet Safety Pack from ASPCA here.

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