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Beginner Behavior Series Part 1: How to Walk Without Pulling

Since the beginning of time dogs have been considered “man’s best friend” or if we’re wanting to be more inclusive we surely say “everyone’s best friend” being that you aren’t allergic or you don’t prefer the company of a furry feline. However, we want to make sure that we are treating the dog as our friend or as someone we care for deeply. We don’t want to be too aggressive whether it be feeding or simply walking our dog. There are methods that we as owners can use to ensure that we are keeping a friendly vibe and making sure the dog is safe.

The Dangers of Pulling Collars

In everything we do as dog owners we want to make sure our furry family friend feels safe. Pulling on a dog’s collar can cause serious harm. A collar can choke the dog or in some extreme cases make the dog feel very aggressive. We want to ensure that the dog feels comfortable at all times, so some research into collars or different commands might be what is needed ensure they are safe on their walk.

Reward With Treats or Positive Words

Most research states that the easiest way to walk your dog without aggression and get them to stop pulling is to simply stop walking and relax. Once the dog is calm, reward them with encouraging words or a treat for their positive behavior. Also, make sure that you are using a calm and reassuring tone, our pets can sense when we are in distress and as the one in control we need let them know they are doing a great job and we are proud of them.

Don’t Continue to Walk

Another way to make sure you’re dog is safe is to completely stop walking once the he or she begins to pull toward. Once they slow down to a stop, you being walking again. With repetitiveness of these actions, you and your pet should comfortably have a solid routine and sense of trust. Walk with the dog on either the left or right side. Pick a side of your body for your pet to walk alongside of you and try and stick with the same side during each walk.

With these simple steps, walking without pulling should be a cinch. Remember to avoid pulling, reward with positive words or treats, and most importantly stop so as to avoid choking. More tips can be found at the links below. Contact us for any questions or for more information at


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