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Kiana Harris: Owner, Founder, Professional Pet Sitter

Hello friends!

This is the first blog post, and what better opportunity to get to know the woman who started it all: Kiana Harris!!

Kiana is a professional, sincere, compassionate, committed, and motivated woman who has been interacting with animals all of her life. She had her own animals growing up, and she rescued her own "fur baby" Mocha from the side of the road at just a few weeks old- and still running around with her over 10 years later! She has been working with several families in the Martin County area for the last few years. Always having a smile on her face, Kiana is someone who inherently, magnetically connects with pets (and people!) of all walks of life, all ages, and all breeds. She wants to continue to grow the business and is adding new sitters to her team to continue to give quality care when you can't be there.

She is remarkably knowledgeable about animals, is constantly engaging in opportunities like Chamber of Commerce business meetings, and is successful because of her desire to constantly strive for the best possible care of clients' animals and homes. She has a passion for animals, for quality care, and for making her clients and employees feel confident in Sit & Stay Pet Care. She is flexible, committed, loyal, and willing to go the extra mile for the customer's needs. She puts the animals first always, and that is why clients continue to use her to care for their animals when they are away. They know that with Sit & Stay- you have quality care when you are away!

Kiana is most easily reached through the website's "Book A Stay" tab, or by email at

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