Your Pet & Summer Stressors

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Barbecues, fireworks, vacation… all of the things that make up the ultimate summer. While the summer season is a favorite for most of us humans, it might be the least favorite for our furry loved ones. Unfortunately, there are many factors that play into your pet’s stress during the warmer weather. With fireworks season just around the corner, the loud booms and colors in the sky may bring us joy, but leave our pets feeling nervous. As pet parents, it’s important to be prepared for the inevitable by providing our pets with a safe space so they can feel secure when their stress levels escalate. We’re highlighting how you can identify when your pet is stressed along with how you can prepare for each nerve-racking scenario so you can feel equipped for when your dog feels anxious.

What are the first signs of stress in a dog?

It’s vital to be able to recognize when your dog is experiencing signs of anxiety so you know exactly what steps to take to keep your pet calm and relaxed. What are the symptoms of dog nervousness you may ask? Some of the most common signs of dog anxiety are having accidents in the house, pacing around and feeling restless, depression, trembling, hiding, and whining . If you start to notice your dog doing any of the above, it may be time to create a dog anxiety preparedness plan, so you know what to do for future occurrences.

Why does the summer season matter for dog stress?

The summer season often has many dog anxiety triggers, such as fireworks, thunderstorms, traveling, and more. Whatever it is that your dog may be afraid of, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to combat these stressors so your pets can feel safe when the unexpected happens.

Is CBD good for dogs with stress?

CBD can be an excellent way to support your pet’s nervousness. CBD may promote calmness and relaxation, so your pet can feel restful and undisturbed during a chaotic situation like fireworks or thunderstorms. At Pet Releaf, every single one of our products contains our full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD, so your pets can receive the beneficial soothing properties of cannabidiol.

From our USDA Organic Hemp Oils to our Edibites, we offer CBD products that can help support your pet’s occasional stress. Our Peanut Butter & Carob (Calming) Edibites include additional functional ingredients like chamomile and baobab to further promote your pet’s serenity.

What should go into a dog anxiety preparedness plan?

We want to make sure you’re fully prepared for when your pet starts experiencing high levels of stress. Check out the items below, so you can practice with your dog. As pet parents, you know your pet the very best, which is why this is just a starting list—feel free to add more that you see fit for your dog’s specific needs!

  • Pet Releaf CBD products: Whether your pet loves our Hemp Oils, Edibites, or both—these are great calming CBD supplements to have on hand in case anything goes awry. We recommend administering your pet’s recommended usage amount about an hour before a stressful situation occurs, such as fireworks and traveling so it has time to kick in.

  • A comfortable space: If your dog associates their crate with their safe space, then you may already have a great starting point! Make this space the coziest possible with their bed and favorite blankets to snuggle up with. If your pet likes to hide under your bed during times of stress, try to set up their favorite dog bed under yours so they can feel comfortable and have a sense of protection.

  • A long-lasting chew or puzzle toy: It’s all about distraction! Keep a pack of long-lasting chews on hand so your dog has something to chew on to keep them distracted from the loud noises or being home alone. Puzzle toys can also make for a great distrac