What is a Pet Sitter Worth?

As a professional pet care provider, there is plenty more than meets the eye. This idea that ‘anyone can do it.’, in and of itself, is the uphill battle we face as working professionals everyday in our beloved industry. That’s why we are so much more than a person coming in and “just taking care of the pets.” We are essentially a luxury service, are we not? There’s a very big difference between what a house looks like when a friend/neighbor takes care of the pets and when a professional does it.

Take into consideration a blog post from Ace Pet Care and Loudin Pet Sitters about why you should hire a professional pet sitter versus an amateur pet sitter, or hobby pet sitter. This may seem like a “no brainer” to some, but to others the imminent dangers that could arise aren’t as apparent.

“Caring for someone’s pets is hard work. It takes long hours. It takes diligence, a sense of responsibility, personal commitment in the face of long hours and experience. Like other professionals, large and small, pet sitting is a trainable business, but one that still has value over cost. All professionals charge for their time and experience. They are worth it. Professional pet sitters are no different.”

Take a look at just some of the many reasons, hiring a professional pet sitter is the smart choice and contact us today at: admin@sit-n-staypets.com to inquire about our professional pet sitting services in Treasure Coast, FL.

“The next time you are wondering why a professional pet sitter costs more than a hobbyist, these are the reasons:

  • A professional pet sitter pays for pet sitting liability insurance to protect you. This costs money.

  • A professional pet sitter pays for pet care education and training in pet first aid, pet CPR, pet safety, pet behaviors, pet training techniques.

  • A professional pet sitter pays for pet sitting-related books and magazines to make sure that our skills are the highest possible and that we are providing the safest care and attention to your pet’s needs.

  • A professional pet sitter pays for legal advice so that we have a contract in order to protect you and our business. It will explain what services the pet sitter will and will not provide. There will be forms to fill out to give the pet sitter all the information needed to provide the very best care for your pet and your home. There will be authorization forms for various professionals such as your veterinarian to work with us in the event there is a need. There will be policies and backup plans in place.

  • A professional pet sitter has expenses just like every other legitimate business. And the reason you want us to charge enough to keep us in business is so that you know who is caring for your pets, and your pets know and trust their pet sitter. This provides for a trouble-free vacation for you, and stress-free time for your pets.”

I've been told many times

“You know, you should really market more that you send each client a personalized text because it really does take a lot of thought and time to give each client a different update and picture.”

Prior to this, I really hadn’t even given it much thought. A text is a text and they need/deserve an update so it’s just kind of black and white to me. At least it was that way to me. This comment made me realize a few important details:

  • How much total time I spend texting my clients with updates each day

  • All the details of the walk I need to remember to relay to client:

  • Taking time to get the perfect cute picture

  • Coming up with creative ways to say the same thing about the same walk you do every day

It actually DOES take up a lot of time, effort, and energy! We can’t lose sight of that fact.

This brought me to the realization of how much love, effort, and care we do put in for every one of our clients, often without even realizing it.

Aside from the personalized text update, there is also:

  • Making sure bowls are cleaned

  • Sweeping up litter

  • Wiping off dirty paws

  • Bringing in the mail

  • Taking out the trash

  • Watering plants

  • Rotating curtains

  • Turning on/off lights

These all sound like repetitive, monotonous selling points for pet sitting but think about how much time each one of those things actually take to do. And think about the BENEFIT each of these seemingly little acts truly provides to an appreciative client.

So sure, you can get a cheap sitter, but at what price? How long will this bargain sitter last? How long is he or she going to stick around? Most likely for not very long. This person will probably quickly run out of resources—time, money, and energy. Burnout is quite common in the industry due to the 24/7 physical nature of the job. This happens even to the most successful and top-priced pet care providers.

Everyone wants “reasonable” prices. Heck, you bet I do, too! But what does reasonable really mean? Do sitters’ rates reasonably provide the wherewithal to continue doing what they’re doing? When sitters appropriately value their services and truly know what they’re worth, they’ll have more at their disposal, which means better and more services for you. Win-win.

It all comes down to value. You’re willing to part with your cash if something you buy gives you a lot of meaning or enjoyment. Ditto with pet care. Believe it or not, there are some folks out there who go for a literally out-of-this-world niche pet service. You may not go that far, but for all the unconditional love, fun, and companionship they provide, how much are your pets worth to you? Do you value their comfort and well-being? Are you the kind who normally buys cute boutique stuff for them? Do you take time and expenses out to prepare homemade food for them? Are you used to giving them the goodies that you don’t even bat an eye when it’s time to splurge for the best care?

Think about this next time you get a neighbor, friend, or relative to pet sit for next to nothing: will they have time or even remember to make visits on top of their already-busy working schedule—or partying schedule, for that matter? Are they going to flake out for a holiday getaway or a hot event in town?

Yes, a friend or family member can stay with the pets and this sounds like a great idea. The person is someone you trust and the price is right: cheap or free. Sometimes, this option is great and works with no problems. As a professional pet sitting business owner, I have been the safety net when friends or family cannot fulfill their commitment. Yes, we may be viewed as expensive when compared to friends and family but think about why a professional pet sitter is worth the money.


An Artful Dogger: http://anartfuldogger.com/how-much-are-pet-sitters-worth/

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