Top 10 Dog Costumes For 2018

Anyone with a pet knows that they're part of the family too. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to dress up your furry friend in one of these adorable pet costumes. Here, we've got all the best dog costumes for 2018, from cute accessories to fierce superhero outfits to a silly bacon strip costume. We're sure you'll find the perfect costume for your best friend here!

lion dog costume
  1. Proud Lion

Make your dog (or cat) feel extra regal on Halloween by giving him a big, shaggy lion's mane, complete with round little ears on top. Find it here.

  1. Holy Hound

This Halloween, your pup can play pope with this funny little costume! This costume is great for religious events, comedy, or a combination of the two! Find it here.

  1. Triceratops

Turn your pet into this majestic prehistoric beast! This triceratops costume is great for dinosaur lovers. It also helps save the planet and keep your favorite animals from going extinct like the dinosaurs! Find it here.

  1. Glowing Unicorn

Your dog can become the most magical pet on the block with this cute costume! This cool costume includes a collar so you can take your pet on walks even while dressed up! It's perfect for parades or having some glow in the dark fun on a nighttime stroll! Find it here.

  1. Porg

After the release of The Last Jedi, Porgs took Ewoks' place as the Star Wars Universe's cutest creatures! Now you can have one as a pet!....sort of. Dress your pet as an adorable Porg from the planet Ahch-To and pretend you're in a galaxy far, far away! Find it here.

  1. UPS Deliverydog