Whipped Paw Butter

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What started out as a cure for my dog's cracked paws turned into a miracle butter for my whole body.

I decided to make a softer version of paw balm that really gets into the cracks because some paw balms and butters are too hard or thick to get onto our pups paws. While mixing up and testing this formula on my dog, I noticed how soft and supple it made my own skin feel.

~ super moisturizing and healing
~ creamy formula
~ versatile 2-in-1 product for your pup and for you!
~ works on all dry spots from your head to your toes

Our hand whipped paw butter is for those paws and feet that need a little extra TLC. Use it on days when you go to the beach or after a walk/run when your feet or your floof's little paws are suffering from dryness.

If you want to have a spa day for you (and your pup), first use the extra moisturizing and rinse then rub the whipped paw butter into all of your dry spots.

Contains: shea butter, mango butter, hemp oil, arrowroot powder and a touch of love.

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