Moisturizing Pawdy Wash

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Many of our precious pups have developed allergies lately either from the environment around them or through the food we feed them. I created this formula when my dog developed a skin rash after a particular brand of food made her sick. The anti fungal properties of African Black Soap helped clear her skin without using any harsh chemicals and the Jojoba oil I added to the mixture helped keep her fur and skin moisturized after the shampoo was rinsed away. The results are soft fluffy fur and clean, clear skin. This product is another one of my 2-in-1 formulas that works for humans too. It helped to clear up some dry patches that I've had without overdrying my skin. If you want to use less chemicals and more natural products on your pup and your own skin, I know this will work for you.

Organic all natural shampoo made from jojoba oil and African black soap which has been found to be anti fungal, anti inflammatory and helps with flaky skin. Handmade in small batches.

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