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The Team

Kiana H.



Born and raised in Massachusetts, this entrepreneur studied psychology and spent many years cultivating different interests before finding her niche in pet care. Pet parent to the late great Mocha.


Jessica E.

Pack Leader// Port St. Lucie


Born and raised in South Florida. Loves all pets. Dog mom and future singing sensation.


Kinley E.

Pack Leader// Fort Pierce


Along with a lifelong love of all types of animals, Kinley has a passion for art, people and nature. They have two pets of their own, a rescued cat and dog and are currently working on Sit & Stay Pet Care's social media. She's also our primary pet sitter for Fort Pierce.


Nalina W.

Blog Writer


Caring for wildlife and domestic animals since childhood, Nalina has rescued reptiles, rodents, birds, marsupials, cats and dogs. She's cared for a non-releasable opossum for three years, and serves as a liaison for opossum rescues and rehabbers. She parents a litter of three rescue kittens, two senior cats, and an adopted shelter dog. She now writes for our Sit & Stay blog.


Lauren B.

Pack Leader// Martin County


Lover of all animals. Owner of multiple pets. Loves to ensure the safety and comfort for both owner and pet. Since day one has been surrounded by multiple animals.  


Hannah W.

Pack Leader// Port St. Lucie


Born and raised in the US Virgin Islands. I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in Art with an Entrepreneurship minor, but may switch to veterinary medicine. Previously a kennel technician at Weston Animal Hospital, I have experience with small and large dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, and birds. I also have training in medication administration such as pills, liquid medication, and insulin. I am happy to be a part of the Sit & Stay team!

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